Bullying: Choose To Act

Over the years, my daughter has often been teased for her small stature and big brain. But the light teasing elevated to harmful bullying her first year of middle school. She learned very quickly that children can be mean, that adults can turn a blind eye, and that the life isn’t as happy-go-lucky as the Disney Princesses and Little Ponies claim it is.

Bullying was hard on her. She was often anxious and worried and sick to her stomach. And it was excruciating for me as a mother to watch.  As a single mom, I had no other options for her but the public schools, and I didn’t learn till much later in the year about the option to transfer her to another school in our district.

I felt helpless and afraid for my daughter. And the guilt was almost unbearable.

I used each bullying incident as a teachable moment. And unfortunately, there were far too many of those. I muddled through offering words of advice, but mainly just listening and loving her. We both cried a lot last year.

This year, I transferred my daughter to another school within our district where the zero tolerance policy against bullying is taken seriously. Although she is much happier, the memories of her bad experiences remain. I pray they will lessen over time, but I know she will never truly forget.

That’s why I feel immense sorrow when I hear about children who take their own lives, or the lives of others, as a result of bullying. Amanda Todd chose to post her suicide note on the Internet, yet there are hundreds of thousands of kids who suffer (and commit suicide) silently.

Today I stand with all of the fabulous authors participating in this Authors Against Bullying blog hop and the children we love. Both our own and those we don’t even know. Children are a gift. We must be a voice for them. We must choose to act. Because when we advocate for our children and take a stand against bullying, we not only show our love, we protect their future.

Were you or someone in your family ever bullied? How did you deal with it? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Post your comments below! Then, click on the links to visit the blogs of the other authors who are participating in the hop!

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